Electronics Recycling Program - SustainAbilities

Our SustainAbilities Electronics Recycling Program accepts donations of electronic waste from individual donations or partnering with community e-waste collection events. Items are broken down, sorted, and recycled to help keep e-waste from ending up directly in landfills.

Two women working on electronics recycling at the SustainAbilities program in NJ

Employment & Skill Training for Persons with Disabilities

SustainAbilities connects individuals with disabilities to sustainable actions and provides valuable employment and skill training opportunities.

Individuals with disabilities employed through SustainAbilities Electronics Recycling are trained in:

E-Waste Donation Information

We accept a courtesy $10 donation for handling of all electronics recycling items. Proceeds from the SustainAbilities program benefit people with disabilities.

Items Accepted:

Items NOT Accepted:

Drop Off Information


Abilities of Northwest Jersey Inc.
264 Route 31 North
Washington, NJ 07882

Follow signs to back of building.  Upon arrival, call (908) 689-1118 for further assistance. Please no dumping.  All donations require documentation.  

Donations are Accepted:

Monday through Friday
8:00am – 3:00pm

To coordinate an e-waste collection event: (908) 689-1118

Total Weight Recycled:

363,859 LBS

At SustainAbilities Electronics Recycling, all of our recycled materials go to federally licensed facilities.
Abilities of Northwest Jersey is certified as a Small Quantity Handler that is Tax Exempt and an Exempt Recycling Facility.