Music & Arts

Abilities of Northwest Jersey is proud to be one of the few organizations that provides music and arts enrichment as part of our fundamental supports and services to EVERY ONE of our individuals with different abilities.

Woman with disabilities getting help with an art project at Abilities of NW Jersey Music & Arts Program

The Music and Arts Program

While being respectful of each individual’s capabilities and safety, the Music and Arts enrichment Program offers a creative experience on a regular schedule through compassionate and cooperative teamwork of our staff.

Approximately 250 service recipients experience a “hands-on” appreciation of different musical and artistic concepts weekly, allowing each individual the opportunity to reach their fullest creative nature and helping to increase their importance and recognition within our community!

The choir from the Music and Arts Enrichment program at Abilities of Northwest Jersey

The Magic of the Arts

Abilities’ Music and Arts Enrichment program extends a vital experience to our non-verbal and physically compromised individuals. Feeling vibrations through the face of a guitar or the head of a drum builds a bridge of communication essential to a heightened quality of life.

Music and Arts enrichment crosses all the boundaries of limitations and naturally facilitates inclusion of Speech, Behavioral, and Occupational Therapies.

Every person is capable of experiencing the magic of the arts!

The Abilities Rockstars choir practicing their music

Inspire the Creative Nature of Every Individual

The enrichment program is a phenomenal resource to inspire the creative nature of every individual. It offers consistent opportunities to value and recognize the unique contribution we all have to give.

The Arts offer a place of unity and transcendence outside the conformities of nature. Music is a concert…art is an exhibition!

These translations of creativity guide the receiver to participation. When this magic happens, the room of individuals we serve becomes most hallowed, and transforms their voices to the choirs of angels!

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