Home & Community-Based Support

Caring for someone with a disability can be a unique experience. Finding the right kind of supports and assistance to meet your family’s needs can be challenging. At Abilities of Northwest Jersey, we can help through our Individual Supports & Community-Based Supports Program.

Young man with developmental disability getting in-home support

Support in Your Home or Community

Community Based Supports (CBS) & Individual Supports (IS) are for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Services are provided within the comfort of your home or community by our knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

Our team of supervisors and direct support professionals are committed to providing individualized support that meets your loved one’s needs to support them in preparation for community integration.

How Can Abilities Help Your Family?

Our staff will work with your loved one to meet their specific needs according to their Individual Support Plan (ISP). Some essential skills they may acquire:

Increase Independence and Success in the Home

Our staff will identify your loved one’s strengths and needs and implement positive behavioral supports to effectively increase independence and success in the home.

Young developmentally disabled man learning to do dishes with support person

Who is Eligible?

Community-Based and Individual Supports are available for adults who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, facing challenges functioning at home and/or in the community.

The program is funded through Medicaid Insurance, and the individual must be Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) eligible.

To determine your eligibility for CBS or IS, please contact your current support coordinator. Abilities of Northwest Jersey is ready to work with you and your family, you may request to have us provide your services.