Vocational Program

Abilities is an approved provider of the following NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). Participants are referred to the following services by their NJDVRS Counselor.

Trial Work Experience

Trial Work Experience (TWE) is a service that is one-on-one. It involves our certified job coach arranging for and monitoring work experiences in a variety of community-based work settings.

Trial Work Experience occurs over a period of time that is determined by the DVRS counselor.

This assessment is to collect information to determine if an individual is prepared for integrative community employment.

Vocational Evaluation/Community-Based Work Evaluation

Abilities provides comprehensive vocational assessments both in a classroom or a community-based setting. One-on-one service is provided by an Abilities Certified Vocational Evaluator and Certified Employment Specialist.

Evaluations determine an individual’s work related skills, behaviors, interest, abilities, strengths, aptitudes, and barriers to determine the level of support needs for integrated competitive employment.

It is performed at an employment site in the most integrated setting possible and provides the opportunity to be evaluated within the individual’s interests.

Internship Development and Supports

Internship Development and Supports is a service for post-secondary students, youth, and adults. Internships help an individual transition between school and/or work.

The service allows individuals to gain experience in a career field of interest, enhances marketability, increases their professional network, helps the individual gain career-related information and much more.

These paid and unpaid internships are developed with the assistance of our trained employment specialist.

Community Rehabilitation Program

A man smiles at the camera while applying a sticker to a box as part of the Contract Packaging and Fulfillment services at Abilities

Extended Employment

Extended Employment is a program for those who have not found community employment and prefer to enroll in the vocational program. The purpose of this program is to create opportunities and training experiences and develop potential for community employment.

Extended Employment services assist in developing employment goals by providing work experience in a structured setting. Production fulfillment contract work provides opportunities to receive training in a work setting.

This helps to develop positive work habits, behaviors, personal interactions, stamina, work performance, adjustment to the work routine, use of hand tools and equipment, and improved work tolerance.

The goal is to gain confidence and independence in a work setting. Extended Employees may also participate in service activities such as Job Club, job sampling, career development, community employment support (also known as “Hybrid” service) and other activities to develop their potential for community employment.

Career Development AKA “Hybrid”

Individuals in Extended Employment who are ready to seek community employment may be referred for “Hybrid” services. They may continue in Extended Employment while receiving supports on site for job seeking and job development.

Supports include assistance with developing resumes, completing applications and interviews, and then continued support to aid transition to community employment.

Once hired for community employment, they may choose to continue part of the time in the community while still attending the program part of the time. They may continue to receive community employment support until Extended Employment is no longer needed.

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