On-Site Day Programs

Our on-site day habilitation programs provide individuals with disabilities a variety of options to choose from based on their unique likes, dislikes, areas of interest, dreams, and desires. Emphasis is placed on connecting individuals with community experiences, developing life skills, and enhancing his or her independence. Services provided in our on-site day programs include:

Community Inclusion

Activities are offered based on an individual’s interest within his or her community.  Volunteering, trips to the bowling alley, outings in the park, shopping, sporting events, museums, and libraries are just a few examples of the community experience activities that individuals may request.

Community inclusion plays an important role in the quality of life of individuals with disabilities and their family members.

Daily Living Skills

Abilities provides individuals with opportunities to work on the skills necessary to manage their daily lives. These skills will help them enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Skill areas can include but are not limited to:

Communication Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Independent Living Skills

Leisure Skills

Pre-Vocational Skills

Speech Therapy

Our speech-language pathologist (SLP) and team work together to understand the complex needs of individuals who have communication and swallowing needs. Comprehensive, caring, and timely treatment plans and services are developed for each individual.

Behavioral Support Services

Behavior Support Services offered at Abilities of Northwest Jersey Inc. are determined on an individual, as needed, basis for people with disabilities engaging in inappropriate and/or challenging behaviors.

The choir from the Music and Arts Enrichment program at Abilities of Northwest Jersey

Music & Arts Enrichment

Abilities is proud to provide music and arts enrichment as part of our fundamental supports and services to everyone we support in our on-site day program setting.

We offer a creative experience on a regular schedule to approximately 250 individuals with disabilities. This allows each individual the opportunity to reach their fullest creative nature.

Health & Wellness

Health, recreation, and exercise, along with nutrition education are all important within the Abilities programs. Our team encourages individuals to participate and live a healthy lifestyle with games and activities that promote movement, nutrition, and meal planning, healthy minds, and preventive care.


Abilities has found that it is beneficial to offer training on utilizing computers and tablets. Individuals who are interested, will have the opportunity to use a smart board or tablet for the purpose of educational, therapeutic, or communication activities.

Young woman in a sensory room designed for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Sensory Support

Abilities’ sensory rooms are used by individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. A sensory room is a specially designed room which combines a range of stimuli to help individuals develop and engage their senses.

The space is also used for individuals requiring behavior support in a crisis and to reinforce coping skills. For individuals with physical disabilities, it allows for repositioning and stretching after long periods of time in non-ambulatory equipment such as a wheelchair.

Sensory environments have become vital to the success of the individuals in Abilities’ programs.

On-Site Day Program Locations

Hackettstown Day Program

999 Willow Grove Street
Suite 6
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Mary Apgar Day Program

22 Kayharts Lane
Washington, NJ 07882

Medical Special Needs Program

264 Route 31 North
PO Box 251
Washington, NJ 07882

Phillipsburg Day Program

1224 South Main Street
Phillipsburg, NJ 0886

Washington Day Program

264 Route 31 North
PO Box 251
Washington, NJ 07882