Speech Therapy Program

Our speech therapy program is led by our highly-trained, American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA)-certified speech-language pathologist.

Abilities offers identification, screening, evaluation, treatment, and support for individuals with:

Individualized Services Offered by Abilities

Young man with special needs sitting at a desk working on speech and communication

Communications Services

Our Communication Services are designed to address language, sound production, functional naming and labeling, articulation, and guidance on communicating wants and needs. Assistance in extending thoughts into full or fuller sentences is also provided.

Young man working on cognitive skills at Abilities of Northwest Jersey Speech Therapy Program

Cognitive Skills & Compensatory Strategies

Cognitive skills and compensatory strategies provide help with attentiveness, memory, orientation, organization, following directions, answering basic questions, and identifying common objects. and problem-solving.
Woman with swallowing disorder in speech therapy program at Abilities of Northwest Jersey

Guidance On Swallowing Disorders

Guidance is provided for those with swallowing disorders such as safe eating strategies, modification of foods or liquids, posture and body positioning, rate of intake while eating, food and drink textures. Exercises to improve swallowing function and mealtime assistance and equipment are also offered.

For Additional Information

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